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Started up an account at Artstation if you are interested in following me there here is the link :)…
* updated:  i updated the link it didnt seem to work for some people*

I am currently working on a personal project, a personal IP.

For this I wrote and illustrated a small story as a start for my IP, the first glimps of my world.  The writing is not the best because im a visual guy not a writer and English is not my mother language so bare with me.
I hope you enjoy the little story.

You can download story here:

Albus and the Relic

it takes a while to load so i hope you can be a bit patient

Some of the images are in my gallery so u can check them out there as well.
internship is over and after 2 weeks of traveling and relaxing its back to working again

im currently working on a set of 5 characters in the same world. hopefully it turns out how i have it in mind so you can expect some new submissions soon!

thanks for watching
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hi people im in an internship now this means my time to do personal stuff is very minimal so i will be posting less for the up coming 5 months. My internship is at Vanguard Games in the netherlands they made Gatling gears and Greed Corp for XBLA. Im learning alot there :D so im having a great time.

hopefully i will be able to show my work ive done at my internship  not too long after i leave the studio :) but for now its all under NDA

keep up the good work and see u soon

thanks for watching
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at last i arrived(3 days ago) in japan after 1 year of preperation im finely there. ill be studying Illustration and design at the Kyoto Seika Univercity for 6 months. cant wait for the lessons to start!

japan blog…

art blog

CA sketchbook…
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Sooo ive been starting to get more serious about Art, trying to get better to hopefully be a professional in a few years.

follow my path to glory on

my blog:

my Sketchbook on…
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sooooooo ppl

just got back from a 3 day trip to!:... PARIS the city of love...and junk =o wow there truely is alot of trash in that place hehe.

went to visit disneyland as well awesome themepark rock'n rolloercoaster! dam right

AND i visited bobby chui's and Kei Acedera's :imaginism: Alice in wonderland gallery, with ma buddy's, great work u guys srsly stunning art.

for some other news i joind the art crew of a card game so expect some art of those cards i made soon.
or check my recently created blog at

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so like ive been a bit more active on dA the last few weeks. updated alot of new stuff. i probebly have to make some kind of archive of my work since its just one big mess atm ^^

another note
i might start working on a planet with a friend of mind designing EVERYTHING thats on it. dunno when we will start but u might see some art starting to pop up in the near future ^^

jah so
first lemme fix my school work =|... prrr
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at last i found the guts to upload some new pieces
ill try to upload a little more frequently since uploading a bunch at once is a pain in the ass lol